14 Ways for Seniors to Stay Connected with Family and Friends Through Technology

Discover 14 ways seniors can stay connected with family & friends through technology such as GrandPad tablet, Google Nest Hub & Facebook Portal.

14 Ways for Seniors to Stay Connected with Family and Friends Through Technology

People over 65 are the fastest growing population on Facebook, according to the Pew Research Center. Communication is an essential part of being human, and as we age, staying in touch with our loved ones can become more difficult. Fortunately, there are some sender-friendly technologies that are ideal for staying connected. The GrandPad is a special tablet designed to be easier to use for older users and people who are not used to modern devices.

It includes larger icons and fewer options compared to other tablets, making it much easier to use. A family member can preload contacts, and users can only communicate with designated contacts. This is perfect for someone who wants to focus on making calls, video chatting, sending and receiving emails, and a few other tasks. Google Nest Hub is a smart home device that can be used for everything from checking the weather to controlling the temperature.

When set up correctly, it can provide a simple and intuitive hub for greater convenience and control. With Google Duo, it can also be a valuable communication device. Duo is a video communication application that is available on Android browsers, iPhone and computers. It's very easy to use with intuitive controls.

In addition, it can be used directly from the Nest Hub. Facebook Portal is another device that makes video chatting easier. Although you can communicate with smartphones and other devices, the purpose-designed Portal simplifies things. Its purpose is to allow chatting through the Facebook Messenger network. Therefore, users can call their loved ones with a minimum of effort.

It also works with WhatsApp, a messaging service that's especially popular outside the U. S. UU. So, it can be a great way to keep in touch with friends and family who live abroad. For senior users who want to chat from their televisions, the TelyHD is a great option.

It's a video chat device that can be mounted on top of a television and works with Skype. It's extremely easy to use and includes a remote control that can be used for most control needs. For older people who are reluctant to use new technologies, all the setup work can be done by a loved one. Many older users hesitate to start using smartphones because they seem too complicated. However, in many cases, smartphones are easier to use than other cell phones.

They have options to increase the size of the icons for greater visibility and only need to be loaded with the relevant applications. Touchscreens are often more intuitive and easier to use. The SingFit app is designed to help older people with dementia stay engaged with their families and caregivers. The playlists are designed by certified music therapists to help older people and their loved ones connect through music. Libraries, senior centers, and the local Area Agency on Aging are other places to look for technology classes for older people. Alternatively, countless organizations offer training programs to make older people understand many types of technologies. Telepartying might be better for older people with resident caregivers or someone close. Staying in touch is one of the most important parts of mental well-being.

With these technologies, you can stay connected to friends and family as you age in elegance and health.

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